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Why We Love Moss: An Introduction

Hello and thank you for joining us on Pacific Northwest Mossery’s blog page. We’ve decided it would be best if Tanner and I introduce ourselves to you, our mission with our business, our core values, and most importantly, why we love Moss.


Tanner and Megan

First I think Tanner should introduce himself, as he is the main moss enthusiast…

Thanks, babe. You could say that plants are in my blood. Ever since I was a little boy, my mother sought to instill in me a love for nature. Some of my fondest memories include going on nature walks with my mom, collecting treasures like seed pods, pine cones, fall leaves, and spent flowers.

 I remember helping her in the garden at our home in eastern Oregon. I learned the names of flowers, trees and other plants from her. She taught me to see the beauty that God created for us to be a part of, the world that we needed to take care of.

 Even as a child, after touching moss and walking barefoot on it, I wanted to have a moss lawn (a dream that will someday be realized).

As I grew, I went through the Boy Scouts of America program, and my love and reverence for nature deepened. I spent many a night under the shelter of great evergreens in the north or surrounded by hardwoods in the south. I learned a respect for nature that I sadly didn’t see in many others. 

Then, when I went to college at Brigham Young University-Idaho, I found how I could combine my love of nature with the practical skills of a humble builder. I discovered the horticulture program that they offered (with a little help from Megan), and I soon realized that I was made for it. I was naturally enthralled by plants, I have a knack for getting my hands (and everything else) dirty, and I could channel my artistic talent into something that literally shaped the world we live in. 

I owe my love for moss to this long story and then the singular opportunity I had to take a class where I could choose the subject material. Most students used this as an opportunity to design a landscape for their family or to do floral arrangements for a sibling’s wedding. Not me. I wanted to learn about what made certain landscapes sacred to past civilizations. Long story short, I became mesmerized by Japanese gardens. I’m sure that you have seen the moss temples of Kyoto, where a reverence for the presence of moss is infectious. I learned that those mosses were not only encouraged over time, but even cultivated and transplanted for their beauty and wonder. This moment awoke something in me that longed for form. I think that was the beginning of the end for me. 


Thanks Love! Tanner and I met our freshman year of College. We got married in August of 2015 and have come to love deeper and deeper each other’s dreams and passion for life. However, I’ll admit, initially I wasn’t all that thrilled about Tanner’s obsession with moss. We love to go on hikes and be in nature. There were times where we’d be on a hike, and I kid you not we would stop every 50 to 100 feet because Tanner would spot some sort of new moss we hadn’t seen before. Then there would be times where we’d be on date night and all we’d end up talking about was moss. 

But… then something changed in me. I started to become fascinated by all of these facts about moss. Moss can do and does a lot for our world! Then I finally touched moss for the first time - for some reason I had it in my head that touching the moss would make me a weirdo. Oh my gosh guys, moss is so soft! 

Then I started to notice that it made me happy to see Tanner so enthralled in his field. It made me realize that nature has an amazing effect on people. There’s research to back up that claim, but that’s for another post. I realized that by having a little bit of nature in my life on a daily basis my life was more manageable. 

Megan and Tanner


Seriously, moss makes me happy. It makes Tanner happy. I think it has the potential to help make you happy too. Don’t we all need a little more love, peace, and joy in our lives. That’s why our mission is to bring, “a bit of nature every month,” to each of you with our products. Everyone needs a daily dose of nature in order to feel sane. 

We hope that by you purchasing our product, we are giving you a sense of purpose in your life and a means of relaxation, maybe even meditation. You might think how does moss give me purpose. Well think about it: you are now responsible for this life form. In order for it to stay green and help you feel the peace of nature, you have to put some tender love and care into it. Then through your efforts to care for this plant, you can feel it’s relaxing and almost meditative effect. There is plenty of research about the relaxing qualities surrounding the care of plants. 

Being in nature is the easiest way to come closer to deity, no matter who or how you worship. We strongly believe more people in this world need to be closer to nature and in turn be closer to God. It is a stressful world we live in. Like I said before everyone needs more love, peace, and joy in our lives. We believe it is our job as human beings to help each other achieve this. We also believe it is in human nature to care for and create. We also believe that by creating we become closer to our creator. 

All of this is why we feel passionate about our business. Passionate because we want to help the world as best we can. Even if it is only just a small portion of the world.

So please come enjoy our services! Let us bring a bit of nature to you every month. 

What are you passionate about and how do you use it to help others?

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